2017 Submissions

Night Breath Experimental Song
In the Highlands Classical Song
Passing souls Miscellaneous Song
Harmony of the Waters v2 Classical Song
In the Wake of Wolves Miscellaneous Song
Battle Under the Eclipse Miscellaneous Song
Verdant Bowers Classical Song
Laceration of Skies (remastered) Miscellaneous Song
Scriptures of Agony Cinematic Song
Various BGM Withered Forest Classical Song
Song for Balamoo *old music* Classical Song
Hoarfrost *old music* Classical Song
Approaching Dawn *old music* Classical Song
Somnium *old music* Classical Song
The Sobbing Mound Classical Song
Village Bop! Jazz Song
Gentle Touch Jazz Song
Forest of Perdition Experimental Song
Gartan Mothers Lullaby World Song
Decayed Bower Experimental Song
Random singing Miscellaneous Song
The Long Night Solo Instrument Song
Veden Partaalla Goth Song
The forgotten city Experimental Song
When they find you Experimental Song
Working progress of a Dirge Classical Song
Solitude resolved Classical Song
Marble statue stigmata Classical Song
Throne of dead Angels Classical Song
Descent Experimental Song
V.O.S.M Experimental Song
Stillborn Experimental Song
Snow Field Experimental Song
Canticum Tenebras Cinematic Song
Sastruga Confession Jazz Song
The Ocarina of Groove Fusion Song
Village Sunrise: Reprise Cinematic Song
Noctivagance Cinematic Song